Suggestions, guidelines, and techniques for Empires and Puzzles for mobile

And it is currently the Sport of the Day over on the App Store. So, if you are picking it up for the first time today, we thought it’d be a good idea to give you some tricks|methods|techniques}, empires and puzzles hack apk and tips to make certain you’re getting the maximum out of the experience.

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Getting started
The sport is all about matching gems in direct lines of 3 or more. Match some stone and they’ll become troops. These troops will then march up the display and hit any critters that they come in contact .

That’s an important point to consider though. If you match a set of stone on one side of the display, they are not likely to wander over to another. Troops always walk straight up from where they are matched.

Match some green gems, for instance, and they’ll add some mana to some green personality that you’ve got in your military.

Character colors
Different monsters have various colors. You may use this to determine what you have to be hitting them with. Pay attention to the wheel in the upper left corner of the display to learn which colour stones are most powerful against which colour characters.

Sometimes you’e not likely to have the ability to move the board around to use the most effective colors, but keep in mind that it is always much better to use any colour instead of the one that is weakest against the competitor that you are fighting.

It’s best to have mixed a set of personalities as possible, because that is likely to put you in good stead whatever you come up against. But it is possible to see what you are likely to be battling before you embark on a level, so in the event that you’ve got plenty of powerful characters it is possible to tailor your army.